Here is How Plastic is Obtained, and It’s More Tragic than the Plastic Crisis!

Probably made from the First Synthetic Plastic: The Bakelite
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Fractional distillation of crude oil (Image taken from

What’s Naphtha?

Naphtha is a product of the fractional distillation of crude oil which is used as a precursor for synthesizing the raw materials for plastics. Yes, you read it right! All that plastics you have around yourself and maybe inside or over the device, you are using now to read this article is made from petroleum that was once buried deep into the Earth. Should we worry about the ever-increasing production of plastics now?

From Petroleum to Plastic!

To synthesize plastic, Naphtha is subjected to thermal decomposition and separation by making use of the difference in the boiling point to form ethylene and propylene, which are the raw materials for plastics.

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